Crisis Presents Threats & Opportunities
Crisis Presents Threats & Opportunities

Crisis Presents Threats & Opportunities

Threat and Opportunity.

I believe that we are headed for civil War, like the last one, ushered in by a radical Supreme Court of wanna-be-royalty, some greedy power-hungry wealthy fascists and their racist suckers. I don’t know if it will be waged nationwide or be contained to some key areas. If it will be waged by magat governors or the magat suckers. Or, if it will be only one battle at the Capital near the time of our election in a magat replay of March 6, 2021. With the orange turd ginning his insurrectionists up again a strong internal defense of the nation until sometime after the election, when we are confident the magats are no longer a threat, is required.

Given the latest decision of the radical right-wing members of the extreme Supreme Court, I think they have made it necessary for President Biden to stop the ongoing fascist coup attempt and nip the civil war in the bud.

I believe the President will be obliged to take advantage of the extremely bad decision by the Supreme Court, making our Presidents Kings unbounded by the rule of law, and stop the American Taliban from their ongoing coup and to keep order in the streets and polling places safe. Perhaps, using our Justice Department to issue warrants and arrest known insurrectionists. This would include the traitors in our Government who organized, participated, or have supported the insurrectionists and the ‘big lie’. Should the orange turd set a target and a date for a for anything similar to March 6, it should be banned. The President may even need to proclaim the election nullified if the fascists win and extend his Presidency another term to remove the conspirators from all branches of our government and restore the rule of law.

This is a crisis, and it presents the obvious threats. We must try to minimize the threats as we find the opportunities that come with them and act. There is a clear need to remove domestic enemies from our government. As there is to turn the corner on prejudice and racism towards women and minorities, gays, immigrants and… well, just anything the pinheads can use to create hate and division.

The President could use the military against the domestic enemies if it is needed and, as with the members of the Justice department, provide them with pardons. He could remove the extremists from the Supreme Court, from Congress and where they are found in our government and use the ‘pre-fucked up laws’ to replace them. Also, the President could increase the number of Justices on the Supreme Court and implement 12-year term limits for all of them.

As quickly as possible after ‘the cleanup’ the President will need to use and restore normal democratic rule of law and their processes. This includes voting for ‘non-insurrectionist supporting’ candidates to fill the vacancies, making fair laws in Congress, the President signing them, and SCOTUS judging them based on the rule of law and with respect for the Constitution as a ‘Living Document’ to be modified by amendment and to be interpreted with the spirt of the content and never on ‘out of context textualism’.

This tool of total immunity for the President, made by the radical members of SCOTUS to enable a royal dictatorship can be used with a great difference of intent. They battle to destroy our rights, our freedoms, our voices and our democracy. They have demolished the rule of law trying to hand our country over to the orange turd cult and made the President above the law. We fight to restore and preserve the rule of law and to see that all people are treated equally! We fight to bring us closer to the promises in our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and it’s Amendments, to provide FREEDOM & JUSTICE FOR ALL! Clearly, we must use their ‘new law of the land’ to stop the fascists with it before they can end our democracy with it!

We could correct the CU decision, abortion rights, freedom of religion, one person – one vote without money and lies in our politics. We could have a fact based and empathetic human government that provides healthcare for drug addicts and the mentally challenged instead of jail cells. A realistic government that provides psychiatric care and/or jail cells for those who would or have harmed others, our rights, our women, minorities, immigrants, and freedom because of their FEARS! A FAIR government that FAIRLY taxes the wealthy more and the middle class less.

To be able to live in a fact-based world free of the ginned-up fears that drive people to racism, hate, and destruction would be so nice and is too long in coming. So, in addition to getting the money out of politics we need to have truth in public speech laws for the internet and all news media. We must also address women’s rights, healthcare as a human right, feed the hungry, provide homes to the homeless and figure out how we can take advantage of the benefits robots and AI can provide without harming human labor, our incomes, and our ability to live a fulfilling life free from threats and pursue happiness.

We get to decide by standing with Democrats in the fight for US ALL. If we fail, our President MUST decide. Otherwise, I think many human beings will die a slow death in a dystopian future. Some sooner, some later, some from persecution, some from the dirty air, water, and pollution. Many from global warming, disease, starvation and others as victims to rampant crime as a desperate people struggle to survive their impending doom.

No shit.

Vote for Love, Human Rights, Democracy & Freedom! ✌🏽💙

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