We Must Complete the Revolution!

One of the very finest human beings we’ve been so fortunate to have amongst us, a TRUE LEADER and AMERICAN HERO, has passed. Rest In Power Fine Sir, Senator John Lewis. Our Revolution Join our phonebank to win back the Senate!! #OrganizeToWinhttps://www.mobilize.us/ourrevolution/event/362948/   UPDATE – AUG 2020: Now, only weeks since he died, the voting […]

Fascist States of America

The racist fascist orange koolaid clown wanna-be dick-tater-tot has declared war on American Citizens. Soon we’ll be where we’ve been headed for the last 15 years. Our journey into fascism is now only a few steps from being over. Speak up. Vote. Allow those infected by their evil race hate and ignorance to come to […]

Fifth Avenue USA

The way forward. Stay alive & vote. We’ll restart our Constitutionally based Country with the blend of government types balanced such that a fair and competitive capitalism can thrive along with the people in the country. ALL OF THEM! Because we can! If given the tools and opportunity instead of the bull shit and lies […]

Hateful People have been Ignorantly calling ME a Left-Wing Radical!

To be on the left is to say you are a socialist. Socialism is defined as a government where all the markets are owned and controlled by government. They run the businesses, hire people to fill the jobs, they keep the profits to build infrastructure, pay wages, etc. The idea is that a well-run socialist […]