Suckers Become Tools of Destruction
Suckers Become Tools of Destruction

Suckers Become Tools of Destruction

It really sucks when you love someone and they decide to become a TOOL for the racist fascist propagandists. For Russian, Chinese and other racist fascist propagandists trying to sway our votes to DESTROY US. They do this to destroy our democracy, our rights, our freedoms, our vote and our voices.  In the process they destroy our economy and our air and our water and our ability to live.

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There is a war going on right now. A propaganda war being waged by our enemies in an attempt to end our democracy and submit to protectionism which could easily lead to WWIII. The most influential places we know of are the social marketing sites and digital news sources. Leading these is Facebook. TV is not the source of News nearly as much as it once was. But it too is being used for fascist propaganda at places like the F ascist O ligarch X enophe propaganda network. These are some of the prevailing battle fields in the ongoing war in the face of a slow rolling coup attempt by the magats.

Heightened online misinformation and disinformation campaigns by Russia, China, and Iran could mislead voters in next year’s presidential election and spark real-world violence, cybersecurity firm Recorded Future warned in a report released on Thursday.
Boston Globe


“People Increasingly Turn To Social Media For News”


“A large majority of U.S. adults (86%) say they often or sometimes get news from a smartphone, computer or tablet, including 56% who say they do so often. This is more than the 49% who said they often got news from digital devices in 2022 and the 51% of those who said the same in 2021. The portion that gets news from digital devices continues to outpace those who get news from television.”
Pew Research

All of the above media sources are susceptible to errors and to lies. But, the social sites are particularly so.

During our last two national elections, and now the current election, our enemies have been trying to influence our votes by appealing to our fears and our baser instincts (see fascism). They do this mostly on the social sites. Oh, there are plenty of hate outlets popping up daily from various media platforms. They do this for several reasons. But, all have the same impact.

The divisive bullshit and lies are often spread with some bits of truth by haters and unsuspecting suckers as they share posts. The posts are intended to divide us and destroy our confidence in our government, our primary governmental systems, our vote, and convince us to destroy them ourselves instead of improving them. Often, they express a popular sentiment that is sublimely in contention with important larger concerns. So with the sucker’s superficial and non-chellant expression of agreement they are unaware of how their position supports a bad or undesirable result.

This is the most cost effective way to destroy the United States and very doable as a result of the CU Decision by the radical traitors to our Constitution, the rule of law, and morality in our Supreme Court. Using our social sites to spread discontent and division shaking confidence in our vote so that many don’t vote! It is also the cheapest way our enemies can destroy us.

Takers of bribes, evil doers intent on getting what they want regardless of the cost, racists and  ignorant suckers are the tools of fascists who hope to destroy our Freedom. Most sadly, many are suckers who think they are right but don’t care to know the facts. They have an agenda and the facts get in the way.

Many are bullies doing as much harm as they can acting as THE TOOLS of OUR ENEMIES! They spread hate and division and anger for the fun of it or intentionally to try to hurt others. Either ignorant of the damage they are doing or doing as much damage as they can intentionally. Some out of spite. Some out of fear. Many out of ignorant race fear resulting in race hate. Not understanding or caring that the problems they scream about have their roots in them! In the people doing the screaming at the behest of manipulative fascist propagandists! They can end up destroying their own reputations, their own futures, themselves, their families, their society, their government and even the environment. If this combination of the ‘basket of deplorable’ and ignorant suckers gets their way, the result could be our extinction.

Each day I see people angry about how the government spends money or how it does not. About what hard working good people did years ago. Often with success, and they don’t like it and want to tear it down and start over or NOT! They make unfounded complaints and argue over hypotheticals asking questions that are not relevant or so ill-informed that it boggles the mind. Starting arguments and divisions to boost their egos or get that bully rush. Unable to defend their position or admit a mistake they pivot. They ask another stupid hypothetical question. Or, step it up and make other false and unsupported accusations and sometimes threats.

I can’t help but remember that everyone has an asshole and an opinion and they BOTH usually stink. The worst are those with an uniformed opinion who learn they are wrong but won’t admit it. Not to others and not to themselves. They double down and dig their hole deeper. Doing so they have kept themselves from learning from their mistakes and are doomed to ignorance. Then, they have a chip on their shoulder and won’t listen to those who try to talk sense to them. That does not last long. Rational people stop talking to them even as ignorants and  haters jump on the bandwagon. So they live in a ‘world of ignorants’ of their own creation. So there is arguing and division and then separation.

This is what the fascists want. They are posting as much argumentative shit that they can – often seeming sublime until it is looked at with serious eyes. This is what China and Russia and N. Kora and Iran and our enemies are doing as much of as they can right now. Trying to get us to argue over bullshit and lies. Dividing us using anything they can to get us to ARGUE.

Us arguing over our government will destroy the confidence people should have in their government.  If they participated and voted in the first place it would be better. And specially NOW! This kind of crap turns people off and they start to feel their voice and their vote does not matter. So, they don’t vote and the propagandists win for our enemies.

“How Russia and China are Ridiculing America”

This feeds the self-fulfilling prophecy that the government sucks. While our enemies in our government do all they can to break it even as their propaganda accuses scapegoats of doing the damage. Another fascist tool, projection. Doing evil and blaming scapegoats. In this case, Democrats. This ends up allowing our enemies to destroy our government USING the SUCKERS who live with us AS THEIR TOOLS OF DESTRUCTION.

I am profoundly saddened by this. We can only fix what they claim is broken, the things we value most can only be saved, if we VOTE! ✌🏽💙
VOTE FOR Love, Human Rights, Democracy & FREEDOM to save the republican party, the United States of America, and the human race. ✌🏽💙

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